Nonprofits and other mission-driven businesses have been benefiting from my unified approach to human resources and organizational development for the past 20 years.

  • People matter.

    Staff who are engaged, valued and safe do better work and create stronger teams than staff who are treated as expendable. Treating employees as unique individuals who deserve respect and appreciation works in service to the mission and builds happier more productive employees.

  • Purpose matters.

    The mission and values are the foundation of your organization. Without a clear shared purpose, silos develop; without identified values, anything goes. All work should tie back to those in a direct and seamless manner.

  • Culture matters.

    Culture happens in an organization, whether you are paying attention or not. It is much more effective to be intentional about the culture you are building. Everything you do, and how you do it, builds the culture – and lets employees and clients know whether they want to be a part of the organization.

  • Supervision matters.

    Employees deserve to know what is expected of them and what is needed to be successful at their job – including what’s working and what’s not working. Building a trusting and appropriate relationship with employees is the only way that a supervisor and an organization can thrive – and fulfill the mission.

  • Equity matters.

    We must demonstrate equity and justice inside our organizations while we work for them in the world. Without attention to systems, practices and interactions, the mainstream culture of oppression and injustice will be replicated internally. We must look at our individual and our systemic baggage, biases and our standard practices to bring equity in-house.

While earning her MA in organizational psychology, Rita would attend evening classes and go back to work the next day to observe the dynamics she studied, applying what she had learned to the real-world in front of her. She was fascinated by the way organizations can either work well or not, and her commitment to helping people be better supervisors was sparked.

Over the course of her career, Rita saw the impact of individual supervision play out time after time. While conducting exit interviews as an HR Director, people’s reason for leaving almost always led back to their supervisor. The quality of supervision impacts productivity, quality of work, team interaction, conflict, and the culture of departments.

Rita started Supervision Matters with the purpose to improve the quality of supervision in organizations. An effective supervisor can support their staff and directly support the mission of their organization by increasing morale, reducing turnover and raising productivity.

For over 20 years, Supervision Matters has helped teams, leaders and entire organizations to improve the organizational culture and practice of supervision, helping organizations to achieve their mission.

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