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Rita thinks about supervision a lot and often connects it to topics that seem unrelated but turn out to offer surprising and helpful connections. The newsletters keep you focused on being intentional in your supervision without nagging you or hitting you over the head.

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“In these days of information overload I am selective about what email newsletters I read. Rita’s is one of them. Focused, relevant and practical is how I’d describe it. Focused means it is short, to the point and not trying to educate me about everything at once. Relevant in that the topics address the hard leadership questions of the day. And practical in that it focuses more on the how to address the challenge-rather than information about the challenge, which can be interesting but is not essential.”

“When I get a newsletter I read it and make copies.”

“For over ten years I have advised every one of my clients to subscribe to her newsletter. It is chock full of kindness, relevance, wise how-to tips, yet never minimizes the challenges and rewards that come from taking this under-appreciated role seriously.”

“I receive [Rita’s] newsletters and I have read her book Supervision Matters. They are both really helpful to me in my role as Managing Director and I often forward her tips and tools to staff.”

“I love the newsletter and the book! EHC has several copies of the book in the library and all supervisors are encouraged to read it and subscribe to the newsletter. Both are easy reads, and highly digestible while offers gems of wisdom you won’t find anywhere else!”

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