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Supervision can be a lonely and frustrating role for which people often receive little training or support.

And yet, supervision is a critical function of leadership. The quality of supervision is often what makes or breaks a leader —and an organization.

  • Effective supervisors help their staff understand what is expected of them and how to be successful. Effective supervisors have tools and skills at the ready to address successes and problems when they arise. Effective supervisors lead effective teams. Effective supervisors listen to their staff.
  • Effective managers understand how to be supportive AND address problems as a supervisor.
  • Effective leadership teams understand their roles and responsibilities and work together in support of the mission.
  • Effective organizations value and support staff, actively build equity, have hard conversations and work synergistically together.

—Effective does not prioritize efficient over meaning. Effective does not preclude connected, caring and respected staff. Effective is not a limited view of success but a panoramic perspective of an entire organization working in unity and collaboration to work for a common and valuable vision.


All of Rita’s trainings are interactive and fun.

Rita’s trainings are built on adult-learning styles and respect the knowledge that attendants bring to the table. Participants learn skills that can be applied immediately. 

Hundreds of people have taken Rita’s signature training, “The Three Keys to Effective Supervision.”  The training and learned skills have helped them be stronger supervisors – whether they have years of experience or are brand new supervisors.  

Examples of Rita’s Trainings:

  • Three Keys to Effective Supervision
  • Supervisor as Coach
  • Delegating Successfully
  • What to Do When It’s Not Working (including discipline and termination)
  • Sexual Harassment for all Staff 
  • Sexual Harassment for Supervisors – Complying with CA AB 1825
  • Communicating for Effective Teamwork
  • Conflict Resolution for Effective Teamwork
  • Working Effectively as a Team
  • Hiring the Best Person for the Job:  Behavioral Interviewing
  • HR Dangers – What Supervisors Need to Know about Compliance Issues 
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Strength-Based Evaluations
  • Leadership Development (several sessions)

Training can be combined with coaching (individual and/or group) to build the most effective and long-lasting change.  Let’s work together to design a plan for your team.

“We have used Rita’s approach to supervision for ten cohorts of emerging leaders in our LEAD Institute, and the participants have consistently reported how useful it is in their workplace. Her relational approach to supervision and her ability to provide useful, accessible tools to help people improve their practice are invaluable.”


Coaching creates a safe space to think about who you are as a supervisor and how to support you, yourself and your team to greater success.

We can address a particular problem, develop skills, devise a plan, or consider how you are showing up as a supervisor.  Sometimes Rita acts as the expert and suggests solutions, and sometimes she is a thought partner to help you find your way to your own best action, and sometimes she asks the questions that you haven’t considered to open up possibilities. A specific situation can often be resolved in one or two sessions. When skills improvement is the goal, coaching on a regular basis over a period of time can be effective. At times it is clear that the situations will just keep coming and a thought partner will be helpful every month. Rita can help you reimagine what it means to be a leader and then build new skills to create the reality of that image. Be the supervisor you want and need to be to help your team succeed.

Typical Coaching Scenarios:

  • Coaching supervisors one on one to address problems, develop skills and improve effectiveness. 
  • Training a new supervisor to understand their role; for example, how to be directive without being bossy. 
  • Supporting an experienced manager to be a better supervisor. 
  • Working with a manager whose interpersonal dynamics are inhibiting his/her advancement.
  • Coaching a manager who has done something inappropriate to help him/her understand the situation and change their behavior.
  • Mentoring an HR staff member to expand their roll beyond compliance and paperwork.
  • Leading a work group to develop teamwork, make agreements and build a collaborative culture. 
  • Facilitating a group of supervisors to develop skills and build a peer-coaching cohort.  

“I met Rita 11 years ago for several one-on-one coaching sessions as I was a brand new supervisor and needed some tools to help me navigate this new position. Rita taught me the importance of developing skills to have clear communication with our staff. In those sessions I learned how to have a clearer understanding of my role as a supervisor and create positive relationships with our staff. The information that I received through Rita continues to apply to my work today.”


Rita helps leaders develop cultures that support employees while accomplishing their organizational mission.

Rita brings years of human resources and organizational development experience to her consulting.  She combines her education, theories, training and most of all, her real work experience to the work she does with her clients.  Rita knows what works in theory and in practice and she brings all of that to her consulting work with every client. 

Examples of Projects:

  • Mentoring HR staff, whether “accidentally” in an HR role, new to HR or widening their approach to HR to focus on equity and inclusion
  • Supporting leadership and other teams to be more intentional, results-focused and focused on the mission
  • Planning and offering staff retreats
  • Implementing unique leadership development programs
  • Presenting keynote addresses 
  • Updating hiring processes to hire for skills, experience and organizational alignment 
  • Conducting Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Convening focus groups
  • Mediation for individuals or teams
  • Facilitating groups to work together, e.g. building working agreements, processing a change, onboarding a new executive or working out conflict 
  • Problem solving regarding specific workplace situations

“We hired Rita during a critical time of growth for the organization. She conducted an audit of our HR policies and practices and a staff satisfaction assessment and then developed recommendations for improvement. She is an experienced HR professional and it shows at every step of the way. Rita is a good listener, problem solver and thought partner. I highly recommend Rita for your HR needs.”

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