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Supervision can be a lonely and frustrating role for which people often receive little training or support.

And yet, supervision is a critical function of leadership. The quality of supervision is often what makes or breaks a leader —and an organization.

  • Effective supervisors help their staff understand what is expected of them and how to be successful. Effective supervisors have tools and skills at the ready to address successes and problems when they arise. Effective supervisors lead effective teams. Effective supervisors listen to their staff.
  • Effective managers understand how to be supportive AND address problems as a supervisor.
  • Effective leadership teams understand their roles and responsibilities and work together in support of the mission.
  • Effective organizations value and support staff, actively build equity, have hard conversations and work synergistically together.

—Effective does not prioritize efficient over meaning. Effective does not preclude connected, caring and respected staff. Effective is not a limited view of success but a panoramic perspective of an entire organization working in unity and collaboration to work for a common and valuable vision.


Rita’s trainings are interactive and fun.

Rita’s trainings are built on adult-learning styles and respect the knowledge that attendants bring to the table. Participants learn skills that can be applied immediately.

Hundreds of people have taken Rita’s signature training, “The Three Keys to Effective Supervision.” The training and learned skills have helped them be stronger supervisors – whether they have years of experience or are brand new supervisors.

Now that Rita is “mostly retired” the opportunity to offer your staff any of these trainings is limited. Rita is offering limited trainings and scheduling a maximum of one training a week.

  • Three Keys to Effective Supervision
  • Supervisor as Coach
  • Communicating for Effective Teamwork
  • Conflict Resolution for Effective Teamwork
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback


Rita is offering a limited number of trainers the chance to be licensed to provide “The Three Keys to Effective Supervision” to your own staff or clients. If you are an experienced trainer who wants to offer a proven effective and inspiring training, contact Rita.

“We have used Rita’s approach to supervision for ten cohorts of emerging leaders in our LEAD Institute, and the participants have consistently reported how useful it is in their workplace. Her relational approach to supervision and her ability to provide useful, accessible tools to help people improve their practice are invaluable.”



Rita is available to facilitate a limited number of staff retreats. A retreat might include components of training and/or focus on teambuilding/ processing/building agreements.


Hire Rita to deliver a keynote speech for your special event or conference.
Topics include the following as well as any of the topics in either of Rita’s books.

  • Building a Culture of Inclusion
  • Why and How Supervision Matters
  • Hidden Rules and How They Undermine Culture and Values
  • How Bias Sneaks into Supervision
  • Leading for Justice
  • HR as a Justice Partner
  • Key Practices of Supervision

Book Interviews/Book Clubs

Rita is available to offer interviews with podcasters or other media sources. Or invite Rita to speak to your team when you are working your way through either of her books.

“I met Rita years ago at a leadership training and have stayed in touch. Here’s why: Rita’s teaching is practical, accessible, and human-centered. She’s found the “simplicity on the other side of complexity,” in terms of teaching about supervision and teams. We have found her retreats to be refreshing, affirming and full of learning.”

“California WIC Association wanted to support the WIC local agencies during an exceptional time of duress, with information on creating a ‘culture of caring’ focused on staff and the young families who participate in WIC. Rita’s presentation to our membership included actionable suggestions and was compassionate and useful for busy public health providers.”

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