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Leading for Justice

Supervision, HR, and Culture

Leading for Justice: Supervision, HR and Culture is a practical, no-holds-barred look at how we build justice organizations that are connected, efficient, and resilient. Rita Sever addresses the historical context of supervision and delves into hidden rules, power and privilege, and white do-gooders. She expertly interlaces stories from her experiences with guidance and tips, and challenges you to make it your own by leading you through self-reflections. This is an indispensable handbook that I will use in all of my projects.”

Leading for Justice offers insights and advice that would benefit any supervisor or HR professional committed to an inclusive workplace. This vital guide, peppered with provocative questions and insights, will aid any supervisor or organization eager to work to live up to their mission.”

Leading for Justice is a timely business guide for leaders looking to develop awareness around equity issues, both in themselves and in their organizations. Rita Sever’s inspirational business book Leading for Justice is designed to help leaders learn about and heal racial divisions in contemporary America.”

“A well-written and informative guide to leading an equitable workplace.”

Leading for Justice coaches us to ask questions of belonging and invites us to take responsibility to mitigate the harmful power dynamics that flourish if we don’t go beyond habit or tradition (potentially code words for “the way it is” in White Supremacy and Patriarchal structures). As a person of color who strives for liberation, resisting that tendency to “call out” or “cancel folks” because of the harm I’ve experienced, I appreciate how Rita courageously demonstrates a path and a journey for all of us in Leading for Justice. She further allows us insight into the specific ways that our White colleagues can be on the path of justice accountability for themselves, consequently making it happen for all of us. Rita fields so many curiosities about difficult situations with compassion, sometimes humor, and always with tender integrity.  And with all the wisdom that’s in this book, Rita’s encouragement to “Make it Your Own” further solidifies my appreciation that she sees me and acknowledges my experiences.”

Supervision Matters

100 Bite-Sized Ideas to Transform You and Your Team by Rita Sever, MA

“This is one of the most informative and accurate leadership books I have read. The way the information is presented is very thought provoking and practical. I have been able to use it, along with my professional experiences to help really teach others how to lead, as well as grow as a leader. In addition, the chapters in this book not only build on each other, they also have the ability to be used as standalone chapter because they have been written so well.”

Supervision Matters is full of bite-size ideas for how to become a more effective supervisor. The book includes advice on how to be clear about expectations, giving helpful feedback, manage yourself, and more. Each chapter is structured around how you approach a part of your work as a supervisor: how you talk, how you think about others, how you run meetings, how you lead, and more.

“I love this book! It not only clarifies the difference between managing and supervising, which I had not grasped before, but you can open it anywhere to discover remarkable insight. Rita’s voice is clear, honest, humorous and her counsel is wise and deep. No water skiing. Think scuba diving. I urge anyone in a supervisory role to read Supervision Matters. In fact, it will provoke learning for leaders of all sorts, at any level.”

“I enjoyed the simple, practical ways that Rita Sever guided me as if she was my personal coach sitting right next to me. As I read through each chapter, I gained the knowledge necessary on supervisory tactics. With Rita Sever including the Coaching Corner in this book, it just put the icing on the cake because it makes you pause, reflect and see the person in the mirror. Through these exercises, you will see how you think, act, speak and respond when encountering a dialogue, requiring results, enforcing leadership or working within your organization. In today’s workplace there is a lot to contend with, from direct and indirect discrimination of any type to three generations working together in an attempt to communicate. As an added bonus for those looking to greatly improve how they supervise, Rita’s Rules of Engagement implements the ‘to be, hear, see, play and share’ elements that create the needed and required transformation for a new you.”

“I’ve been providing leadership development for 20 years, and I have benefited from partnering with Rita Sever the last 8 years of that journey. We now have Supervision Matters where she captures the essentials and artistry of working with the hearts and minds of those we manage. I am so grateful that Rita provides the “how to” of effectively practicing one of the most crucial domains of organizational success while also ensuring care and concern for myself.”

“Punchy, concise, and reality-based; provides solid ground for the concept of supervision and should act as a day-to-day manual for both veterans and novices.”

“Supervision Matters provides the guidance and insight needed to handle any challenge on the path to supervision excellence. As such it is essential reading for every supervisor. Not only will it ensure that your employees are engaged, but that you are not putting your organization in legal trouble either!”

“Supervision Matters is the number one resource that I recommend to all of my clients and colleagues. Pearls of wisdom, stories we can all relate to — these pieces bring humor, compassion and down-to-earth advice to this under-appreciated and all important role. Thank goodness she has put it out in the world in this way.”


Angelle Barbazon, publicist
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