Rita Sever, MA

helping supervisors and organizations thrive + fulfill their mission

A supervisor and a manager are not the same thing.

Too often, supervision is an auxiliary function added without much training onto an already full job, and the role of supervision is overlooked. The quality of supervision matters, and impacts productivity, morale, quality of work, team interaction, conflict, and the culture of the entire organization.

Rita works with leaders and teams to more effectively support their staff by increasing morale, reducing turnover and raising productivity. We believe every employee can contribute to the success and directly support the mission of their organization.

Recently Rita has cut back her work to focus on her writing, trainings and events. Contact Rita if you are interested in discussing a training or event.

“Rita supports leaders to build their skills in supervision and create a just work environment rooted in mission and equity. There are so many dominant culture habits that get in the way of quality supervision – Rita works with organizations to transform the way they supervise.”

“Let’s put an end to accidental supervisors! I learned from Rita that in many ways supervision is the heart of what it takes to build an effective, connected and successful team. The internal culture, honest and value-based practices of support and growth, have everything to do with mission impact. I’m now a passionate advocate that supervision matters.”

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