Rita Sever helps leaders develop cultures that support employees while accomplishing their organizational mission. Rita brings years of human resources and organizational development experience to her consulting. She combines her education, theories, training and most of all, her real work experience to the work she does with her clients. Rita knows what works in theory and in practice and she brings all of that to her consulting work with every client.

Examples of Consulting Projects:

  • Update hiring processes to hire for skills, experience and organizational fit
  • Implementing programs to support employees and supervisors
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Human Resources Audit
  • Staff Assessment
  • Focus Groups
  • Facilitation – helping groups build working agreements, process a change or work out conflict for example
  • Problem solving regarding specific work place situations
  • Help moving through a discipline process
  • Work with leadership and other teams to be more intentional, results-focused and tied to the mission
  • Staff retreats
  • Review and update of HR policies, practices and procedures


What people are saying about Rita’s consultation:

“Our managers enjoyed working with Rita and she understands our culture. Rita has proven to be an exceptional resource for Tel Hi. She understands the challenges and rewards of working with a non-profit. She helped us update our personnel manual. She helped us craft letters, and updated paperwork. Rita really understands non-profits. She provided steady, constant guidance. Her advice was consistent and grounded; she did not give knee-jerk reactions. She was flexible and able to adapt to our needs.”

–Tim Daniels, Interim Executive Director, San Francisco


“Rita worked us to provide the training and support that isn’t available from other resources. We looked at the team, our meetings, how we work together, how we process things, and different ways of approaching staff and solving problems. We did group process work and worked on how we support each other, the staff and the agency.   Rita is supportive and understands the work we do and the special needs of the people who work here. She understands both non-profit and corporate worlds. We are making brave choices and brave changes because of her work with us.  ”

–Jo Anne Hewitt, formerly of CAP Sonoma County Head Start, Santa Rosa, CA